Start Your Wine Business

The wine business is a $26 billion industry that is growing every minute, with people’s craving for a combination of good food and good wine. The California wine in Asia market is dramatically growing and this is noticeable in the demographics of young upper class Asian.


The total U.S. wine exports, 90% from California, hit a record $1.39 billion in 2011, up 22% compared to the previous year.  Hong Kong remained California's third largest export market by value after the European Union and Canada, and revenues reached $163 million, up 39%. Exports to Japan were up 39% to $105 million; China had 42% growth with $62 million; Vietnam was up 266% to $21 million and South Korea was up 13% to $13 million.


It is a time to be involved with wine import and export business, as the industry is profitable directions.  Before you start, make sure you know the wine importers and exporters basics that are essential to the success of your business.